Onten OTNHD180 HDMI 8K Cable

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Product Description

  • Onten HD180 HDMI High Speed Cable 2.1
  • Thinner, lighter and softer than the traditional copper cable
  • Perfect for both high-definition video and standard video formats
  • Capable of transmitting 4K images to a monitor, TV or projector
  • Supports multiple audio formats, from stereo to multi-channel sound
  • Allows you to connect a wide variety of devices in the realms of home entertainment,computing, gaming, and more to your HDTV
  • Compliant to provide highest level of signal quality
  • Supports long transmission distance
  • Resistant to breakage and wear thanks to the durable and dense nylon mesh used to make the braid.
  • Variable refresh rate to ensure no glitches or image interference.
  • Synchronized sound and image.
  • Compatible with various electronics - consoles, projectors, PCs, displays, TVs.
  • Equipped with features such as ALLM, QMS and VRR.
  • Incredible picture and sound quality.
  • HDMI 2.1 provides improved audio-video synchronization, as well as fast and smooth QMS switching without the risk of glitches or lags.
  • Dynamic HDR for better clarity.
  • Every frame is clear because it maintains optimal brightness, contrast and color rendition in the image. They are close to nature, with dazzling colors and perfect shade details. You can see every detail and nothing is blurry!
  • Display details in 8KHD.
  • The 7680×4320 resolution is four times clearer than 4K and the image quality is much higher.
  • Onten hdmi 8K cable supports high resolution 8K/60Hz and is compatible with 8K/50Hz, 4K/120Hz, 4K/100Hz, etc.
  • 48Gbps Super High Speed hdmi 2.1 8k cable supports bandwidth up to 48Gbps.
  • Dynamic HDR Get more vivid images with dynamic HDR, supporting Dolby Vision HDR, HDR 10+ and more.
  • Support for eARC lets you enjoy perfect audio fidelity.

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