JoyRoom S-H142 Reader Card 4 in 1

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Joyroom Adapter with SD & TF Card Reader, USB OTG Connector, and Cable with iPhone Connector - White (S-H142)
The perfect gadget for lovers of functionality and the Apple brand. With the help of the adapter, you can connect many portable devices to your iPhone and iPad: a USB stick, mouse, and even a keyboard or microphone. The adapter also has an SD and TF card reader, so you can instantly transfer your photos or videos to an external medium - without having to connect a computer.

Product Description

Brand: Joyroom
Model: S-H142
Connectors:?1 x USB OTG (female)
1 x USB Type-C Power (Female)
1 x iPhone(male)
Card reader: SD, TF
Dimensions: 120 x 51 x 11mm
Weight: 15g

The main advantages of the Joyroom S-H142 adapter:
With it, you can connect portable devices such as a mouse, keyboard, USB stick, headphones, or a microphone to your iPhone or iPad

Thanks to SD and TF card readers, you can upload photos or videos directly to an external medium

You don't need any additional software: plugin and get started!
It fits in a pocket or bag - the adapter is compact and lightweight
With one adapter, many possibilities

The iPhone connector built into the latest Apple portable devices only supports accessories from that brand. Want to expand the capabilities of your iPhone or iPad? The adapter will be a great solution! With its help you can:

Charge your phone or tablet - thanks to the USB Type-C power connection
Connect a mouse, keyboard or microphone - thanks to the USB OTG connection
Rip photos and videos to an SD or TF (microSD) card - thanks to the card reader
This is the perfect gift for Apple fans!

Easy to use

The adapter offers high-speed data transmission. It works in plug and play system - so you don't need a computer or software to connect a mouse, keyboard, USB stick, camera, headphones, or microphone to the phone. Simply plug the built-in iPhone cable into your phone's port and plug the selected device into the USB OTG port. Ready!

It's quick and easy to do things like surf the web, watch movies or read documents.
Rip your data quickly without connecting a computer

Don't want to upload your data to the cloud, just have it on an external drive? You can connect a USB flash drive via the USB OTG connector, and you can connect an SD or TF card (microSD) via the built-in reader.

Remember that the adapter only supports cards formatted in FAT32 / exFAT technology - it does not support NTFS. You can connect one card at a time.
Small but... durable!

The Joyroom adapter ensures stable conductivity and high performance. It's compact and easy to carry - you can even put it in your pocket! The manufacturer has also made sure that it is durable. The built-in iPhone cable has been covered with TPE material and the reader itself has a PC and ABS case.

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