19x1 Laptop Cleaner Kit Computer Keyboard

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19 in 1 Laptop Cleaner Kit Computer Keyboard Cleaner Desk Cleaning Tool ELMO3EZZ Cleaning Brushes for Mobile Phones, Earphones, Computers, Laptops and Other Electronics Cleaner

Product Description

  • Firacer Electronic cleaning kit includes a cleaning pen for Airpods with silicone tip,1 bracket storage box, Microfiber flannel,high-density soft brush, fiber fleece swipe, keycap buckle, key puller,2 High-density brushes, soft brush, Laptop Screen, Retrieve card pin, Active carbon lens pen, Cleaning cotton swab, Fan-shaped cleaning brush, Screen cleaner, Angle tweezers.
    Earphone cleaning kit designed for all models AirPods or any other earbuds cleaning.Clean up the earwax in the gap of the earphone, and to clean the charging case.
    The Keycap puller easily pulls the keycap off, the high-density brush is large and sturdy enough to easily clean keyboard crevices, with screen cleaning liquid, spray an appropriate amount of cleaning liquid on the screen, and then wipe the screen with fiber fleece swipe
    ,One Cleaning Set can meet your different cleaning needs.

  • Powerful Function: The silicone tip can remove stubborn stains in the crevices of
  • earphones, buttons and other items.
  • The high-density brush removes dirt and dust from the headphone sound hole.
  • The flocking sponge removes dust inside the earphone charging case.
  • Flannel wipes are used for cleaning large dusty areas such as keyboards, desks, window rails, and more.
  • Scalable Separation Design: One end of the multifunctional cleaning pen is divided into brushes.
  • It can be used immediately after release, which is convenient and worry-free, and
  • there is no need to worry about losing the bottle cap.
  • Deep Cleaning: The keyboard cleaning brush kit comes with a key puller.
  • Use a key puller to remove the keycaps, then use a nylon bristle brush to clean
  • the keyboard more thoroughly. At the same time, it is very convenient to replace the keycaps.
  • Soft Material: The keyboard cleaning brush is made of high-quality ABS material, no peculiar smell and durable.
  • The soft nylon brush will not hurt the keyboard, with moderate hardness and good elasticity, easy to clean the keyboard.

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