COTEetCI SD-17 charging station for Apple Pencil

Sale priceLE 595.00 EGP

COTEetCI 32103-TS is a stylish and compact wireless charging dock for three Apple devices at once.

Product Description

  • With a built-in USB charging cable, charging Apple Pencil anywhere is much more convenient for you.
  • This Apple Pencil Charging Dock has extra USB power for charging your iPad or iPhone, with a well-built charging cable ready to charge your Apple Pencil without any setup required.
  • LED charging indicator
  • built-in USB charging cable Ideal as an addition to your workspace.
  • Protect and store your Apple Pencil when you're not using it.
  • The perfect addition to your workspace Leave your Apple Pencil standing and charging.
  • Keep your Apple Pencil within reach and keep your desk organized with the Apple Pencil Stand.
  • Made of aircraft aluminum, made by advanced precision CNC machine, equipped with a silicone grip on the bottom to avoid scratching your desk Anti-lost Straps Apple Pencil Cap protects the Apple Pencil Cap from rolling off from uneven surfaces and loss.
  • Stylish and functional This stand helps charge the Apple Pencil, store the top in one place and keep them within reach.
  • Thanks to its compact design, it is easy to carry and seamlessly combines with any surface decor.
  • Made with an aluminum finish, it fits well with your Apple Pencil.
  • Thanks to the built-in lightning connector, you only need to connect the Apple Pencil directly to the stand and charge and store it.
  • There is also a slot for storing the Apple Pencil cap during charging.
  • USB 3.0 port for cable connection (can charge iPhone or iPad)
  • Dimensions 41 x 49 mm.
  • Weight 168 g.

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