JOYROOM JR-ZS373 Foldable Magnetic Car Mount

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Color: black

Product Description

  • Zinc alloy metal design, foldable design, sturdy and durable.
  • Can be rotated 360 degrees, freely and easily adjusted to your favorite angle.
  • 16 N52 magnets provide super suction, firm adsorption, and not easy to fall off.
  • Using traceless adhesive, it has strong adhesion and a larger base number.
  • Material: zinc alloy
  • Size: 60x70x20mm
  • Net weight: 135g
  • Applicable mobile phone size: 4-7 inches
  • Installation area: vehicle dashboard and smooth surface

The innovative foldable design of the JR-ZS373 handle makes it extremely convenient to use. When not in use, simply fold it, saving valuable dashboard space. This is an ideal solution for people who value order and functionality in their car.

360° rotation
Thanks to full rotation, adjust the handle to your preferences. Regardless of whether you use navigation, make a phone call or simply want to have free access to multimedia functions, the JR-ZS373 holder allows you to freely and precisely adjust the angle while driving.

16 powerful N52 magnets
The 16 powerful N52 magnets used guarantee that your phone will remain securely attached, even during more difficult driving conditions. Securely hold your smartphone, eliminating any worries about it accidentally falling or moving.

Stable attachment on smooth surfaces
Thanks to its powerful grip and large base, the holder stays firmly on smooth surfaces. You don't have to worry about the handle moving or being affected by vibrations while riding. Stability ensures safe use of the phone while traveling.

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