Moxom MX-ST05 power strip and charger 12 in 1 for ultra-fast charging

Sale priceLE 775.00 EGP

Product Description

  • 12 Outlets Socket : 6 USB + 2 Type-C + 4 EU Plugs
  • Fast Charging
  • Power : 6 USB + 2 Type-C (17W) 4 EU Plugs (2500W)
  • Universal Outlet
  • The outlets have a good grip for holding all devices preventing slipping out and won’t become loose easily like other poor-quality power strip.Universal power sockets can fit EUROPE plug especially.
  • Space Saving Allows room for large block space outlets.And it is perfect solution for charging 12 power-hungry devices simultaneously and eliminating a bunch of chargers.
  • High-Efficiency Charger Super current conversion efficiency,automatically identify matching charger settings,very stable and efficient.

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