Sale priceLE 995.00 EGP
Color: black

Product Description

  • PD 20W.
  • 3120W-13A (Max) 240V.
  • USB-Cx1 + USB-Ax3.
  • UK plug.
  • 750 °C high flame retardant.
  • Phosphor bronze copper sleeve.
  • Automatically adjust the current.
  • Four USB charging ports: Solve the charging needs of multiple digital devices.
  • One key switch: One key to close all circuits.
  • Bold plug wire: Thickened wires have high conductivity and are not easy to generate heat.
  • Silver contact switch: Sensitive contact, good electrical conductivity firm buckle, stable and durable.
  • PD 20W power strip: Guarding electricity safety for more peace of mind with electricity.
  • 20W PD fast charge: The USB-C interface supports Apple's 20W PD fast charging making charging more convenient and faster.
  • Prevent accident touch: Install a safety baffle to prevent children from accidentally plugging in the socket.
  • Specifications

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